Let me guess. You’re flicking through your phone. You’ve watched a questionable amount of Netflix. You’re feeling lethargic.

Understandably, the news is stressing you out.

You’re probably googling ‘things to do when you’re bored at home’. I mean, you’ve even clicked on a picture of a Goat with its tongue out.

But what if you flipped this situation on its head?
What if you focused on what you CAN do, not what you can’t?
I’ve had a lot of emails from readers over the past couple of weeks asking for tips for making the most of ‘lockdown’ time. So I’ve made this list. Initially I made this for myself, however I’ve decided to bulk it out and turn it into a blog post.
I’ll be referring to this each day when I need a little inspiration.
I encourage you to do the same.
1/ Work on that idea or project you’ve been ‘meaning to get round to’

Is it a business idea? Is it a new hobby you would like to take up? Think of all the things you have been meaning to get round to, but have been too busy with work. Now is your opportunity.

For me, this is an idea I’ve had for around a year now. With my events business on hold currently, I’m going to spend the next few weeks bulking this idea out, so I can take action when things are back to normal.


2/ Create a ‘gratitude list’

It’s a shame that it’s often when things are taken away from us, we realise how lucky we are.

Now many of us write down things we’re grateful for each day. I often think about these things when I’m out walking or exercising.
But what about making a ‘master gratitude list’, with 100+ things to be grateful for. Something you can refer to each day, and realise how lucky you are, despite the circumstances.

In the coming days, I’ll be sharing some inspo on this, so keep your eyes peeled.


3/ Get outside (if you can)

Lucky enough to have a garden?

Make the most of it.


4/ Exercise

Boost your outlook. Boost your immunity. Release endorphins. Stay healthy.

There are tonnes of home workouts you can do. Just a quick Google or Youtube and you’ll be able to scroll through until you find something you like.


5/ Fill your days with activities

Feeling a lack of direction right now? Be sure to plan out your days and fill them with activities.

Schedule exercise. Schedule activities. Schedule work. Make ‘appointments’ with yourself.

Keeping yourself busy with positive activities will enable you to come out of the lockdown period stronger than before.

It doesn’t have to be a ‘lockdown’. It can actually be pretty fun.


6/ Learn to cook awesome new dishes

Fancy yourself as the new Marco Pierre White?

But maybe, like myself your cookery books are collecting dust while you cook the same 7 dishes on rotation? Well, dust off the books, and schedule some time working on your culinary skills.

Amazing what you can do with all this extra time, eh?…


7/ Spring Clean (& dance around the house like a weirdo)

Some see this as boring. Some see this as therapeutic.

Either way, you’ll naturally be moving around more which can only be good for you (& your hygiene!).

Pro tip: Blast out your favourite music and dance around the house.


8/ Do a spot of gardening

Overgrown vegetable patch or flower bed?

Time to sort that out.


9/ Plan for the future

In our busy lives, we very rarely have time to take a step back.

We’re usually caught up, rushing through our days… As a consequence, we often don’t set aside time to plan for the future.

Well, now’s your chance. Plan where you’d like to go, and how you’re going to get there.


10/ DIY

If you’re anything like me, you’re terrible at DIY.

So why not take this time to cultivate those skills. Watch some instructional videos. Get that shelf up. Build that BBQ. Paint that room…


11/ Sort out what is in your house

Do you have a certain room/drawer/cupboard that is full of crap?

Yep. Time to organise and sort that out.


12/ Create a list of places you would like to visit in the future

This is a nice exercise to look positively into the future.

Create a list of places you’d really like to visit. If you’d like to get a little deeper, research what activities you would do while you are there.

What restaurants would like to visit? What excursions would you do? How would it feel to be there? Who would you be there with?


13/ Journal

Journaling is therapeutic.

I’d say it’s the perfect activity for time at home.

Time to plan. Time to reflect. Time to ponder questions.

You can use something like The Zelo Journal, or your could use a blank notebook and use your own journaling prompts.


14/ Read

Which books are on your list? Which books would leave you hooked on the storyline or inspired to take action?

I know I have a stack of books ‘to read’ on my bookshelf. I’ll be leaving time each evening to get stuck into these.

They also serve as a perfect distraction from social media & negative news…


15/ Set yourself new challenges

Looking for a little extra motivation. Set yourself some challenges for the period you are at home.

To make them more effective, just ensure that they are bound by the SMART principle.

That is, they should be Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-Bound.


16/ Adapt your morning routine

Thrown off by not following your usual routine? You’re not alone.

Take the time to set out a morning routine to maintain daily habits each morning to start the day.

This could be something as simple as having breakfast, reading and having a Coffee before getting showered and dressed for the day.

These little things, repeated daily help you get in the zone for a productive & fulfilling day.


17/ Avoid the news

What you think about, you become.

Unfortunately, the news is currently full of fear-inducing, anxious headlines. If you consume too much of this, you too will become more fearful and anxious.

Avoid it. The important stuff will filter through regardless.


18/ Avoid social media

For the same reason as #17, social media should be avoided all together.

It’s full of negative news currently. Most of which is not useful.

Furthermore, social media is addictive. It never makes you feel fulfilled.

When was the last time you finished scrolling social media and thought ‘wow, I really enjoyed that session on Instagram’?

Say no more.


19/ Weekly Reviews

Just because you’re spending more time at home, it does not mean that your weekly planning and reviews have to go out of the window…

Use this time to create headspace, become motivated and fulfilled.

Use The Zelo Journal for a quick 5 minute check in each week.


20/ Learn a craft

Knitting? Sewing? Woodwork?

Choose your craft. Master it.


21/ Meditation

Don’t knock until you’ve tried it.

Meditation calms, helps you think clearly and increases willpower (look it up!).

For many, meditating forms an important source of motivation through contemplation.

Tim Ferriss showed how 80% of high performers cite form of mindfulness practice for their success in his book Tools of the Titans.

Not sure where to start? Give Headspace a go! Prefer a free option? Try Youtube.


22/ Physical Work

Take every opportunity to get physical.

If you can go out for a run or walk away from people. Do it.

If you have to stay inside, set aside time each day for cleaning, sorting, DIY, painting. Basically, anything that keeps you active.

You’ll thank me for it later!


23/ Learn an instrument

Some would say this is the perfect time to learn or master an instrument?

Seize your opportunity (maybe try not to annoy Bob from next door too much).


24/ Find out how you can help your local community

At times like this, your community is particularly in need. Is there a way you can help out?

For example, in the UK, the NHS is looking for volunteers to look after the vulnerable during this crisis. You can sign up here.


25/ Goal Setting

Now’s the time to reflect and set your long term goals.

Use your yearly, monthly and weekly goals to break your ambitions into daily chunks.

Use our free printable planning sheets to do this with ease.


26/ Catch up with friends (digitally)

Schedule catch up calls often. Keeping contact with people during this time is important.

Rather than just a standard call, you can opt for a video call with Zoom, Google Hangouts or the ‘Houseparty’ app.

I’ve got my first ‘digital beer’ with a friend based in Amsterdam later. Looking forward to it.


27/ Keep close contact with family

For those lucky enough to have family around, take the time each day to check in on them!


28/ Use Free Printables

The free printable planning sheets are simple. Download them. Print them. Plan.

They’ll help you become motivated. They’ll help you stay calm. They’ll help you look forward to a brighter future.

Click here to get them sent to your inbox.


29/ Sort out your folders on your computers

My folders on my computer are a mess. I’ve been putting this job off for a long time.

Time to sort them out.


30/ Focus on self-improvement

What habits would you like to cultivate? Reading? Exercising? Meditating? Writing? Journaling?

Whatever they are, you can use this time wisely to focus on these.


31/ Stoicism

Over the past few weeks, almost everyone’s life has been uprooted and turned upside down.

One thing that has helped me is Stoicism. Focussing on what I can control, not what I can’t.

A nice easy way to do this is to read The Daily Stoic. There’s plenty of social media pages and books dedicated to stoicism.

I’d recommend starting with a quick google.


32/ Sort your paperwork out

Been putting off sorting your paperwork out and organising it? Yep. Me too.


33/ Sort out & go through all your photos

We take so many photos, but rarely take the time to go through them.

Usually, we take the snap. Upload it to Instagram, and then it disappears into the archives.

Now is the chance to go through all your old photos and bring back memories.

Bonus: Use this as a chance to arrange your digital folders (if you’re a little OCD like me…)


34/ Learn a language

Always wanted to learn a new language? Previously learnt one but now a bit rusty?

Now’s your chance to sharpen your skills. There’s heaps of free resources online.

My recommendation? Start with the free app ‘Duolingo’


35/ Go through your old music collection (& reminisce)

Old vinyl or CD collection? Maybe like me you have tens of thousands of songs sitting on your hard drive.

Why not dig them out and listen to them while you’re doing something else? It’s awesome how listening to certain music can bring back memories.



36/ Just. Slow. Down.

Found yourself with all this free time, have you?

Enjoy it. Appreciate the fact you have an excuse not to be rushing around all of the time.


37/ Follow a healthy eating regime

Have you been too busy to develop a healthy eating habit?

Well, now’s your chance to learn the skills you need to cook healthy, wholesome meals… Then you can make it stick when all this is over and you’re back to normal.


38/ Keep your weekdays and weekends separated

A good idea for your productivity (& your sanity) is to keep your week days and weekends separated.

For me, this means mostly productive tasks through the week, and a more leisurely approach to the weekend.


39/ Get some sun each day (if you can)

If you have a garden, perfect.

Not so lucky? If it’s safe, and you’re permitted to do so, then make sure you get outside and get some sun each day.

Mood booster.


40/ Yoga

Yoga has heaps of benefits. It’s relaxing, as well as being a healthy practice.

I won’t bore you with all the benefits here, but if you’re looking for where to start, just take a look at some of the free beginner classes on YouTube.

Not got a matt? Well, your challenge is to improvise.


41/ Listen to Podcasts & Audiobooks

The podcast is the perfect resource to turn your down-time into up-time.

The awesome thing about podcasts, is that they are so flexible around your routine. They’re FREE and often inspiring.

You may find that a podcast is extremely thought-provoking, which can set you up perfectly for the day.


42/ Go to sleep & wake up at the same time each day

Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day (if you’re not already).

Thank me later.


43/ Eliminate excuses

When lacking motivation, it can be easy to think up excuses to get out of the task ahead. This is particularly easy to do given the current climate.

However, using an excuse to get out of a task will actually lead to a lowered self-esteem, guilt and a further drop in motivation down the line.

Choose not to make excuses, but to visualise the benefits and opportunities ahead of you.


44/ Embrace ‘Deep Work’ & ‘Flow’

You know that feeling, when you’re completely in the moment? There’s nothing else that comes into your mind apart from that activity.

That’s called ‘flow’.

If you have a relatively distraction free set up at home, use this time to get into flow and deep work.


45/ Keep your phone in a different room

The further away the temptation (to look at social media & news), the better.

Less distractions = more fulfilling work.


46/ Baking

If you’re trying to eat healthy, I do NOT recommend this one.

I’ve devoured far too many cookies today.

However, if you’re not eating healthy (or you have better willpower than I), then use this time to bake some new recipes.


47/ Fill up your calendar

Just because we’re staying in doesn’t mean we can’t make plans.

Take time to fill up your calendar with fun, interesting and fulfilling activities.

You may just start looking forward to upcoming weeks…


48/ Double up your time (& get active)

Don’t want to change your Netflix routine? No problem.

Exercise while watching your favourite tv programme. Take up a daily living room exercise you can complete while watching the TV.

Tip: List all the parts of your routine that could be doubled up with exercise. You’ll be surprised!


49/ When negativity hits, take a break

One of the things I have learnt over the past few years is that one negative action or incident, could ‘frame’ everything else in the day.

For example, a decision doesn’t go my way. This news has the potential to ‘frame’ the rest of the day, and negatively taint further thoughts.

Glass half full, to glass half empty.

I’ve now realised that the best thing I can do, is take a break from the situation. Go on a walk, go on a run, take some deep breaths, meditate. These are some of the things that help me regain a positive outlook.

Glass half empty, to glass half full.


50/ Complete an Online Course

Fancy learning a new skill? Now is your chance.

Stuck for where to start? Check out Udemy.


51/ Decorating

Walls looking a bit shabby? Door frame needs a touch up?

Now’s your chance!



52/ Trying to work? Block out distractions

This will depend highly on the area that is used to complete work.

Is your phone on the desk? Put it in a drawer.

Find yourself checking Facebook and Twitter? Block them using a Chrome extension such as StayFocusd.

Piers Morgan doing your head in? Turn him off.


53/ Make bad habits hard

It can be easy to fall into bad habits with a change in environment.

For example, I have gone to town on the Cookies today (oops).

Many people believe that building positive habits is about willpower.

Unfortunately, us humans are not very good with willpower. Don’t make things hard from yourself.

Don’t want to go on your phone? Put it in another room. Want to cut down drinking? Put all your alcohol in a cupboard (or don’t buy any!). Want to eat healthy? Don’t buy crap food!

In my case, if there’s no cookies around, I won’t eat them.


54/ Painting or Drawing

An incredibly calming activity (even if you are terrible, like myself).

Tip: Top artists are made, not born, so don’t write yourself off so easy. Try some online courses or instructional videos to cultivate your skills.


55/ Write letters to catch up with people

Think, who do I know who would really appreciate a letter?

Write to them.


56/ Seek out your weaknesses & educate yourself

What are you not so good at? Use this time to develop those areas.

Read books, listen to podcasts, complete courses!


57/ Sell anything not needed on eBay

Have a clear out. Seek out the things you can sell on eBay and get them listed.

Watch the pennies flow in…


58/ Virtual pub quiz with your friends

Yep, that’s a thing.


59/ Embrace puzzles, boardgames & card games

It’s easy to leave the boardgames out usually as ‘we don’t have time’.

The thing is, these provide a different type of enjoyment, when compared to watching Netflix.

Time to get them dusted off, eh?


60/ Arrange virtual poker with friends

Understandably, online poker is soaring at the moment. However, you don’t need to roll with the high rollers to get involved.

Loads of online providers allow you to set up your own private game with your mates


61/ Distracted and procrastinating? Focus on these three things…

1/ Write a list of everything you need to do.
2/ Number the list in order of priority.
3/ Do not work on anything else until your highest priority task is done. When this is completed, move onto the next.

Remove any possible distractions from sight. Do not deviate from your priority list!

By focussing on less, we achieve more.


62/ Write a list of gift ideas for upcoming birthdays

First, write a list of all the upcoming birthdays in your life.

Second, decide what gifts you are going to get for each of them. Alternatively, you could even write the cards & letters now!


63/ Create a photobook or scrapbook

So you’ve completed #33 and all your photos are nicely organised… Now is time to get your best photos printed.

Bring them to life and create photobooks of your best memories. Even better, make this for someone else!


64/ Give your car some much needed TLC

You don’t need to be a mechanic to give your car a check over… There are loads of resources online to help you do this.

Don’t fancy getting your hands dirty? Give your car a wash and shine.


65/ Floss



66/ Fearful or anxious? Take action

“Action cures fear. Indecision & postponement on the other hand, fertilises fear.”

Often the thing that you’re putting off, the thing that is giving you anxiety, is the thing you need to do most.


67/ Swap your winter clothes for summer clothes

Many of us are moving into warmer seasons currently. As such, a significant amount of your wardrobe will not be used over the next 6 months.

De-clutter, and pack warmer clothes away for next winter*.

*Although, as I’m writing this, snow is forecast for the UK, so maybe hold on that one ? .


68/ Donate food to your local foodbank (if allowed)

Foodbanks have suffered in this crisis, and are always on the look out for additional supplies.

If permitted, take the time out to donate food to your local foodbank.


69/ Review your personal finances

What a joyful, awesome activity this is…

*long pause*

In all seriousness though, when was the last time you assessed the money coming in and out of your bank account? When was the last time you reviewed your subscriptions?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll get the ‘resistance’ when confronting this activity. You’ll procrastinate and put it off.

But I promise you, you’ll feel better after it’s done.

If in doubt, look at #66.


70/ Create fitness plan for when lockdown is over

So you’ve mastered your home workouts, but what about when lockdown is over? When gyms are open and classes are back on?

What are you most looking forward to? What will your fitness regime look like?

Make a plan.


71/ Research places you would like to visit in the UK (or your home country)

People often overlook their own country when heading off on holiday.

The thing is, your home country is full of awesome places to visit. You just have to look for them.


72/ Buy gift cards for your local independents and small businesses

Independents and small businesses are going through a real tough time right now.

If you’d like to help them through this period, buy gift cards and vouchers.


73/ Make the most of your productive hours

Our willpower, energy & concentration levels all decrease as the day goes on.

In fact, many people suggest that we only have around 6 hours of true productivity each day. So this being said, are you organising your day the right way?

Are you answering emails in your most productive hours? Or are you putting your full brain power into that new project?


74/ Challenge your own thinking

This is something I’m often guilty of myself. I’ll carry out a task in a certain way that I’m used to, following the habits and knowledge I’ve built up over my life. I’ll react instantly and carry out the task in the same way I have been doing for years.

But often, there’s a little nugget of knowledge that can save us time or increase the quality of what we do. And all we need to do, is take a step back and question ‘Is this really the best way of carrying out this activity?’.

Think of someone who is stuck sending email newsletters or updates out individually to people, without realising that email automation exists. They’re squandering hours of time, when all they needed to do is spend five minutes researching the best way to send out the emails. This isn’t time saved just this once, this is time saved for the rest of their time.

It’s exponential.

Think of it as a 5 minute investment for potentially exponential gains in time saving and quality improvement. Never has this existed more than in this software age.

Challenge your own thinking. You have the time.


75/ Upcycle

Put your creative powers to the test and upcycle.

What could you create? What could you transform and make the most of?


76/ Revisit your plans & goals

When did you set these? What progress have you made?

Is this still the direction you would like to be moving in? Use the Free Printable Resources to help you.


77/ Not feeling up to it? Ease yourself in

You’ve probably heard of ‘eating the frog’. Well this works in a different way.

So let’s set the scene. It’s Monday morning. You’ve commuted from your bedroom to the temporary office (kitchen) and you’re really lacking motivation. You’re feeling overwhelmed with all you have on. What to do?

Well, I’m afraid to say, the best thing to do is to start. Once you hit the 15 minute stage you may start feeling a ‘flow’ with your work. But how do we make starting easy?

Start with the easy tasks. Get some emails responded to. Order those bits you need.

It’s easier to say yes to tasks that don’t take so long. Tasks that don’t overwhelm us or aren’t too taxing.

So if you get this resistance with work, schedule some easy tasks for the start of the day, count down from 5 in your head and begin on them. Then when you’re in flow, the big tasks don’t seem so daunting.

Ease yourself in.


78/ Check up on your vulnerable relatives, healthcare friends and essential workers

Many of our friends and family are on the front line, helping those in need. Others need to isolate to keep themselves safe. While others are in ‘essential’ work that helps the word go round right now.

Take the time to check in on them. See if there is anything you can do to help.


79/ Adopt the two-minute rule

If something can be done within two minutes, do it straight away.

No explanation needed.


80/ Give blood

Giving blood during this time is still possible. In fact, the UK is asking for donors currently as donations are down 15%.


81/ Create an ‘idea book’

Always think of new ideas, only to forget them a few hours later?

A good way to combat this is to create an ‘idea book’. Spend 30 minutes jotting down your next big ideas.

After this, keep it close by.

Your best ideas often appear when you least expect them. Write your new ideas down as soon as you can so you don’t forget them!


82/ Take a bath

Include all the trimmings. Pretend you’re at a Spa.



83/ Replace the ‘afternoon slump’ with exercise

You’ve had your lunch. You’re back to work. You feel absolutely knackered.

Lowered activity throughout the day working from home leaves us more liable to suffer from the afternoon slump.

Combat this by scheduling exercise for this time. You’ll come back feeling energised, ready to take the day on.


84/ Accept what is in your control, and what is not

There are two categories of things in life. Things you can control, and things you cannot.

Realising this provides great clarity and inner peace. You can’t control a situation, but you can control how you react to it.

The art of life is to react to all given situations with your best possible, highest self. To be driven by values, principles and a stoic attitude.


85/ Create a plan to eradicate single use plastic from your life

Write down all the single use plastic that you use in your life.

Now, put together a plan for how you can eliminate or put measures in place for how you can reduce your use of single use plastic.


86/ Write a list of the things you CAN do on lockdown

Here, we’ll go with a little mindset tip.

Swap ‘Today I have to’ with… ‘Today I get to’.

Much like tip #1, this is all about our mindset.

We often forget how lucky we are. To experience the world in this modern age, with amenities & convenience.

Perspective is everything.

What do you get to do today?


87/ Set up a mini gym in your garage

To make exercise easy at home, you should stick to a regime.

Why? It’s easier to follow. It becomes habit. You don’t need to watch a new home workout video every day.

So, if you’re lucky enough to have a garage, set up a mini gym. Improvise. Pick a few routines. Stick to them.

Don’t have a garage? Plan out some circuits in your living room and stick to them!


88/ Create a ‘Sell-yourself-to-yourself commercial’

If you’re anything like me, this is going to seem cheesy. But stick with me…

Here is an excerpt from ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’. A self-development classic.

“Every day you and I see half-alive people who are no longer sold on themselves. They lack self-respect for their most important product—themselves… The half-alive person needs to be resold on himself…”

Schwartz’ suggestion? Implementing a “sell-yourself-to-yourself” commercial. In a nutshell, it’s a motivational commercial about yourself.

Here’s how you can create your own self-yourself-to-yourself commercial:

1. Select your assets, your points of superiority. Ask yourself, “what are my best qualities?”
2. Jot down these points down on paper in your own words and write your own commercial. Be direct and don’t think of anyone but you as you write it.
3. Practice your commercial out loud in private at least once a day. Ideally you do this before a mirror.
4. Read your commercial several times a day silently. Keep your commercial handy before you tackle anything that demands courage.

Now, I can’t say that I’ve done steps 3 and 4 myself, but I’m sure they’re very powerful if you implement me.

For me, the important parts are 1 & 2. As humans, we have a tendency to ignore our ‘wins’, what we’re good at, and our greatest assets. We often focus on what we don’t have.

But lets be honest. Each of us, we’re truly great at a few things at least. We just need to take a step back and remind ourselves of that.

So, take a little time out and create a sell-yourself-to-yourself commercial.



89/ Keep a ‘jar of accomplishments’

Now, I can’t say I have implemented this yet.

But I LOVE the idea and will probably implement it soon.

So, just like writing the commercial above, we are choosing to focus on our achievements. Buy a jar, take the time to write down each accomplishment and add it to the jar.

What is a ‘big enough’ accomplishment to add? That’s entirely up to you. For me, I would add anything I am proud of, and that I can reflect on.

Once you’re done? Make a habit of adding new accomplishments as you achieve them.

Feeling discouraged? After you have written down all your accomplishments, you’re now able to tip them all out on a table and go through them one by one.

What are we doing here? Confidence building. We’re so quick to recognise achievement in others, but slow to recognise achievement in ourselves.

Keep a jar of accomplishments.


90/ Be a source of positive energy for other people

How do you feel when you speak to someone who is stressed, agitated or anxious?

Now thing of the most positive person you know. Think of how you feel when you leave their presence…

It’s easy to forget the impact that we have on other people’s energy. Ultimately, we can be the catalyst to someone’s positive thinking, or someone’s negative thinking.

This is especially important in todays climate.

When it comes to motivation and inspiration, you really get what you give.

We can help them see opportunities or we can make them see limitations.

So next time you’re meeting someone, remember the impact you have.

Be a source of positive energy for other people.


91/ Take care of your foundational habits

Sleep well. Eat well. Exercise often.


92/ Remember, perspective is everything

As this Pandemic moves through the globe, it is causing and will cause huge disruption. Holidays cancelled. Events cancelled. Travel cancelled. Businesses folding. Things are going to become difficult.

Difficult by what measure? You can’t go on holiday this year. You may earn a lot less money this year. You may not get that new house.

But what about those losing loved ones? Those that have lost everything and had to lay off staff. What do you think it is like for them?

Things may not work out how you intended but spare a thought for those less fortunate than you. Count your blessings. Focus on what you DO have, not what you can’t have. You’ll be happier for it. And you know what, things may actually get better in your life because of this, not worse.

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is perspective, not the truth.” – Marcus Aurelius

Remember, perspective is everything.


93/ Create a list of opportunities surrounding a ‘bad’ situation

This one follows from the last tip.

On lockdown, you have a couple of options:

Option 1: Mope, become annoyed and see it as a bad thing.
Or, you could go for option 2, and ponder all the good things that could come from this. More time to spend with your partner or friends. More time to read that book. Less time commuting. The opportunity to work on that project you’ve been meaning to start on.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and that applies to situations too.

So if you’re worried about a possible lock down, list all the good things and opportunities that will come from this. You’ll be surprised.

This can also be applied to any negative situation – you just need to be creative!

Create a list of opportunities surrounding a ‘bad’ situation.


94/ Find yourself bored? Set yourself new challenges or ‘lockdown goals’

If you’re bored, a great source of motivation is to set yourself some new challenges.

Something to aim for gives you a reason to get out of bed and chase your goals. These could be work goals. Life goals. Health goals. Social goals.
Set them according to the SMART principle and chase them!

So, if you find yourself in a lockdown situation due to coronavirus, set yourself some ‘lockdown’ goals. Use the SMART principles and make the most of your ‘down time’.

Find yourself bored? Set yourself new challenges.


95/ Watch Ted Talks

They’re interesting, varied and often inspiring.

They’re free. Check them out on Youtube or ted.com.


96/ Watch Inspiring Documentaries (& Louis Theroux, of course)

We’ve heaps of inspiring documentaries ready for our viewing pleasure.

Seek out what you’re interested in or motivated by, and watch them.

If that’s Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends, then so be it…


97/ Read your favourite blogs

What are your biggest passions & hobbies?

Seek out blogs you enjoy based on these.


98/ Lend a helping hand

Who in your local community could use some help right now?

Reach out to them.


99/ Spend time with your pets (& teach them a new trick?)

It’s no secret that pets are proven to make *most* people happier.

Lucky enough to have one? Make the most of having them around.

Take the time to play with them, pet them, teach them a new trick.

Crufts next year?!


100/ Work on, or create a side hustle.

Employed, but looking to make the jump to setting up your own business in the future?

Now’s your chance to learn the skills and take the first steps.


101/ Take a moment to remember, we are all in this together

Finally, the world is united against a common goal.

Please email us if you need any pointers to help you through this time at home. A good place to start is the ‘Free Printable Planning Sheets’

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After that, print them off and complete them at your own leisure.


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Good Luck & Stay Safe,

Michael & All at Zelo.


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