Free Productivity Cheat Sheets

Achieve Your Goals, Empty Your Mind & Gain Clarity with The Zelo Printables.

Free Productivity Cheat Sheets

Achieve Your Goals And Gain Clarity
With The Zelo Printables

The Zelo

Sunday Night Cheat Sheet

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious on a Sunday night? This one is for you!

Single Goal Visualiser

Break down your BIG goal into achievable chunks.

Three Goal Focus

Gain clarity and define your goals for each area of your life.

SWOT Analysis

Bash out the big decisions by looking at the entire picture.

Prioritise Your Plan

Turn overwhelm into opportunity and gain clarity.

Pro-con Decision Maker

Use pen to paper to make the right decision.

Value-Weighted Decisions
Value-Weighted Decisions

How can the Zelo Printables help you?
They are your cheat sheets to:

  • Break down your BIG goals into achievable chunks.
  • Make difficult decisions with clarity.
  • Prioritise tasks for a clear sense of direction.
  • Clearly assess the strengths and weaknesses of a situation.
  • Find direction for your ambitions.
  • Crush Sunday night anxiety and set your self up for the week with the Sunday Night Cheat Sheet.

These 7 FREE cheat sheets provide the base for you to achieve your dreams and embrace each day with optimism and positivity.

Download them today and see what they can do for you

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