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Beat Procrastination with The ZELO® Daily Action Kit


A Daily Kit Designed to Help You Declutter Your Mind, Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done.

Trusted by Thousands. Featured in Forbes & Marie Claire.



Procrastination Kit
Energy Energy

Five minutes a day to…


Wake Up Each Day With Fire In Your Belly

Break The Procrastination Habit

Take Action On The Life You Desire

Less Distraction, More Focus

Simplify & Take Control Of Your Life


Calm Calm



Every Day.


At ZELO, we know that simplicity is key, to help you fly like a Butterfly and sting like a Bee.

We let our customers do the talking…





“Never been a planner but getting this has changed everything.”
Steven M


“Over the moon, has helped me loads.”
George L


“Revolutionised my work routine.”


“Writes beautifully and so smoothly.”
Helene M


“Beautiful and very stylish.”
Rachel C


Organise Your Thoughts


Action Your Desires



Five minutes a day to ignite the fire in your belly.


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Zelo was launched on Kickstarter in December 2018. Since then it has received worldwide press coverage in the likes of Forbes & Marie Claire.

Free With Every Purchase


The Following is FREE With Every Purchase of The Daily Action Kit

Productivity Secrets e-Book

‘Productivity Secrets: 144 Tips for a Happier, Healthier Life’

Covering Topics Including:

• Time Management hacks.
• Becoming Motivated & Creating Productivity Habits
• The Fool Proof Guide to Finding Time to Exercise
• Common Sources of Procrastination, and How to Stop
• How Does Food Impact on Productivity?
• Getting the Most Out of Your Morning Routine
• Sleep Mastery, and How You Can Use it to Become More Productive
• Mindset Mastery – Using Positive Psychology to Improve Your Productivity

Free with every purchase

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Three Tip Thursday!

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Printable Planning Sheets

Productivity-Boosting Printable Planning Sheets

Use these to:

• Reduce overwhelm.
• Create a clear direction.
• Break down your BIG goals into achievable chunks.
• Make difficult decisions with clarity.
• Prioritise tasks for a clear sense of direction.
• Assess the strengths and weaknesses of a situation.
• Find direction for your ambitions.
• Crush Sunday night anxiety and set your self up for the week.

Free with every purchase


How does the ‘Three Step Goal Setting System’ Work?

Put simply, you’ll map out your long term goals at the start of the journal. Then every week you’ll set weekly targets that will move you closer to your long-term goals. Then you will use your daily targets to break down your weekly targets into manageable chunks.

This helps form habits so you can move towards your goals with ease.


Why are the daily pages blank (apart from the time column)?

We’re all different. Leaving the daily pages flexible allows us to embrace this. That’s why the journal comes with a productivity user guide so you can apply the techniques that work for you and your lifestyle.

Would you expect an Olympic runner and and an Accountant to schedule their days in the same manner? Nope.


Can ‘5 minutes daily’ really help me achieve my goals and ambitions?

In short, yes.

Think of a missile trajectory. With no target, this could go anywhere. Its end point will be determined by external factors alone. It may take hundreds of attempts before the target is hit.

The same applies with your life.

Think of the Zelo System as a guidance system. One that make many small corrections to ensure that the missile goes exactly where you want it to.

The target is your goal.


When should I complete The Zelo Journal?

You can do it whenever you like. However most people complete the journal on the evening before the day you have planned for.

E.g Wednesday’s targets should be filled in on Tuesday evening. Then you’ll tick off the tasks as you complete them (ahh….that beautiful feeling of ticking off targets).

This way you ’empty’ your mind of tomorrows plans, so you can relax on an evening. This also has a secondary effect of allowing your subconcious mind to work on the tasks before you complete them.

Yep. Your brain actually starts working out the tasks for you without you have having to think about it (read up on it).

Pretty cool, huh?


Can I use this for financial/health/work goals?

Use The Zelo Journal for any ambitions you have. It’s the system & habit that is important, not the goals themselves.

We’ve heard from professionals who have used this to buy a new house. We’ve heard from users who have used this to lose weight. We’ve heard from countless users who have gained promotions at work.

We’ve even heard from many users that simply use the Zelo system to reduce anxiety & stress.

You name it. We’ve heard it. You can use this to achieve any ambitions you have. Whether that’s to climb the biggest mountains in the world, or to simply cultivate a happy life. That’s not important.

The important part is that this journal shows you all those little steps you need to get to your destination.


I’m worried that the habit won’t stick.

We’ve designed The Zelo Journal so it gives you the ‘minimum effective dose’ of planning to achieve your goals.

What does this mean? This means the habit demands only 5 minutes each day.

More importantly, it ensures you don’t ‘fall out of the habit’ or go off course on your path to achieving your goals.


Here’s what you won’t find in The Zelo Journal:

You won’t find endless columns to fill in each day.
You won’t be forced into a system that doesn’t suit your lifestyle.
You won’t become frustrated with the unusable tables and features of the journal.
You won’t find thin, poor quality pages.
You won’t find an overcomplicated process that bores you.


We’ve applied the 80/20 rule to planning. We’ve cut out the fluff, and the result is a process that takes less than 5 minutes each day.

More importantly, one that works.


Can I spend longer than 5 minutes each day planning?

Yes, of course.

Many of our readers spend much longer than 5 minutes each day planning. The reason? It’s therapeautic. The Zelo Journal provides the space for you to get creative with your planning.

The ‘5 minutes daily’ is the ‘minimum effective dose’ for achieving your goals.

Spending longer than this each day just means that it’s done more for therapautic or artistic reasons, rather than for planning reasons.


How does the tracker work?

Put simply, you’ll draw out your tracker each week, before ticking off your habit each time you complete it. After sticking to your practice for 1-3 months, you’ll have built desired habits that are second nature to you. Let’s say you want to build a habit to exercise for 30+ minutes each day. You’ll use this tracker to hold yourself accountable until exercising for 30+ minutes each day comes naturally to you. For more information, see here.


Does this really work? It seems overly simple.

Thousands of people around the world are using ZELO habit trackers to build new habits that propel them closer to their goals. The habit tracker acts as a cue to your own habit tracking (kind of ironic, we know).

Think of the tracker like a PT in the gym. It will be there shouting ‘Don’t you let me down Brian! You made a promise to me!’.

And before you know it, you’ll have automatic habits that take you closer to where you want to be in life.

Simple, yes. Effective, yes.


What habits should I track?

Whatever you like! There are thousands of possibilities. Most people tend to track habits related to health, finance or productivity. You can also use this to build habits that are related to your goals and life ambitions.


Does the tracker contain any plastic?





Will this pen do all of my washing up for me?



How long does it take to ship?

We despatch from our warehouse in the UK within 24 hours (working days). Shipping in the UK takes anywhere from 1-3 working days depending on the service you pick.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. Worldwide shipping is available. This takes 2-14 days, depending on where you are in this beautiful world! We ship from the UK. Yorkshire, to be precise!


Got any more questions? Feel free to email us and we will be happy to help.

Six Ways The Daily Action Kit Can Improve Your Life



Hold Yourself Accountable

These kits are a superb way to hold yourself accountable with little additional effort.




Hit Finance, Health or Life Goals by Building Healthy Habits That Guide You on Autopilot

Shaping habits is hard. However, once you maintain good habits that align with your goals, they will become second nature to you. They will guide you to your goals on autopilot.




Takes Less Than Five Minutes Each Day

Yep, you read that correctly. Just 3-5 minutes consistenty to check in with yourself is all it takes.




Choose From 18 Stunning Combinations

Choose a Kit that suits your style, including all-metal, textured, brushed and matte black.




Adapt to Suit Your Lifestyle

The ZELO Journal is known for its adaptability to suit your lifestyle. Check out our reviews to see what our customers have been saying. We let them do the talking.




Comes With a 100% Refund Satisfaction Guarantee

Receive your kit and decide it’s not for you? No problem, we’ll provide a full refund.

No questions asked.


Read our reviews for more.




a/ The fervour or tireless devotion for a person, cause, or ideal and determination in its furtherance; diligent enthusiasm; powerful interest.





b/ Special care and dedication for someone or something. Diligence (carefulness and attention in doing something).


Quite simply, these definitions encapsulate what we stand for at Zelo. To live an intentional, devoted life. One filled with passion, dedication & enthusiasm.


Yep. Our customers love ZELO.

The feeling is mutual.


(686 customer reviews)


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