Zelo Journal Features

The Zelo Journal oozes class and you’ll be proud to get it out in at work or in your next client meeting.

It has the following features:


6 Month Goal Setting Outlook

The six-month goal setting outlook provides a clear, long term reference when setting your weekly and daily targets.


The Three-Step System

Ensures that your weekly and daily action is always linked to your long-term goals. The target setting systems are based on ‘Flow’ and ‘Positive Psychology’ – Google them!

Six Undated Monthly Calendars & Planners

Meaning that you can write down any important dates or appointments. It can also be used to mark out ‘Milestone’ targets for your long-term goals. A great tool for visualisation.

Weekly Planning & Visualisation

Here we apply Positive Psychology. Probing questions ensure you’re always looking for opportunities and visualising activities.


Weekly Review Questions

To recognise progress and opportunity.


Weekly Focus & Fulfilment

A thought-provoking question brings your focus back to the one most important goal for the week. This helps you visualise the process of achieving the goal.


Daily Planning

Daily planning and targets are open and flexible. This allows users to apply techniques from the Zelo user guide that most suit their lifestyle.


Time Bound Targets

“ Work expands to fill the time available for its completion” – Parkinson’s Law.

It’s often beneficial to schedule time limits on targets. However, most of us don’t know exactly how long a task will take. In fact, research shows we will routinely under-estimate how long a task will take. If you’ve scheduled/time blocked your full day, you could go over by an hour on one task, throwing your whole schedule off (causing stress).

Here’s how the Zelo Journal is the solution to this problem: We’ve included a space for time allocation on the daily pages of the journal for each individual target. This way, your tasks are still time-bound, however, if you run over or under on that time, the rest of your day remains flexible.

This is helpful in being productive, while remaining in a clear state of mind. 


Free-form Notes Pages

Things come up, they always do. The free-form notes pages provides the flexibility to write or draw anything you need to.


16 Page Comprehensive User Guide

This is where the magic lies. The 16-page user guide provides you with the tools to create a productivity system tailored to you.


Habit Tracker & Book Mark

Habit tracking can be very effective for some people, while others prefer not to use it. Our solution for this has been to create a premium Habit Tracking book mark. Habit track at your free will! We also have a dedicated web page, so you can get the most you can out of it.


High Quality Eco-Friendly 100gsm (thick) inner pages

To prevent show-through & bleed. No-one enjoys show-through, bleed and ugly pages in journals, so we’ve opted for market leading premium 100gsm paper. Acid-free and eco-friendly friendly paper.


Cotton Lace Style Page-keeper

Keep track of your page with this subtle, lace style page-keeper.


Lay-Flat Binding 

Multi-compartmental binding to ensure your journal always lays flat.


Elastic Closure

Don’t you hate it when you put a book in your bag and pull it out and it’s bent?

Yep. We’re not letting that happen here.


High Quality Faux Leather

Free from animal products (We tested 5 Materials before settling on this one for look and durability).


Premium Black Trim Pouch

To store your important documents and business cards in the back of the journal.


6 Calendar Months of Productivity

(26 weeks) 238 Pages.


A5 Size

Perfect to keep with you at all times.


Premium Gift Packaging

A premium journal with stunning packaging to match. A powerful gift to friends or family.


Listing Techniques According to Lifestyle

The Zelo Guide helps you list your tasks according to your lifestyle.



Expressing daily or weekly gratitude can be highly beneficial. The Zelo Journal provides space for you to express the techniques of Positive Psychology as you feel.


 Listing Techniques According to Mindset

The Zelo Guide offers ways in which you can improve your productivity through your mindset.


Motivational Quotes

We’ve included a couple of inspirational quotes (told you I love em’), but none on the daily pages that may be more visible. They’re limited and well placed in the journal so they look good in an office or client environment.


S.M.A.R.T Goals

An integral part of effective goal setting is setting S.M.A.R.T goals. The Zelo guide helps you to be apply these to your long-term, daily and weekly targets.

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