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“It’s all black, sleek in design with a clear listing of all the techniques you can use to get the most out of every day, according to your lifestyle. It’s a book that lets you find productivity at your own pace, with subtle nods of encouragement without boxing you into a corner screaming ‘Drop and give me 20! “

Carl Thompson

Mens Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger,

“The Zelo journal is not about pushing you towards deep methods of meditation or starting yoga classes in the middle of Mumbai, India. This is more about the little reminders that help you build your motivation much further. From little things like listing three goals to achieve in 6 months, to what will make you feel fulfilled next week”

Anton Welcome

Maketh The Man,

“I absolutely love my Zelo!  I’m a person who needs structure and a plan and having it all written down in one place makes my goals real, attainable and makes me accountable!  The ease of use and weekly reflections will really help me re-focus over a shorter period to really concentrate on those 6 Month goals. It also means I can cut these big goals into smaller, attainable ones and change my weekly plan to suit.”

Emily C

Capital FM

“I work long hours so the journal ensures that I fit the things I want to do outside of work into my busy schedule. I’m big into my running, so it’s perfect for that. “

Nathan Vurgest

Senior FX Trader, Record Currency Management

“I think the beauty of this journal lies in it’s no frills planning approach” .…”The quality of this journal is everything.”


A Journal by Annie,

“I love how your daily targets are always linked back to your long term goals so that you’re always making meaningful progress in the right direction“

Guido Breeman

Freelance Digital Marketer,

“The Journal provides the perfect place for me to put my plans to action. That kick up the back side I need!“

Ben Preston

Head Gardener, York Gate

“I’ve been using the Zelo journal since the beginning of 2019 and it’s helping me be a LOT more productive. It’s really amazing.”

Sophie VL

Business Growth Coach

“Love using mine, already made a huge difference with my daily planning this year.”

Rich W

Kickstarter Backer

“A powerful project to support!“

Richard Koch

Author of The 80/20 Principle,

“It’s slick… Really like the design…well done!“

Nathan Lozeron

Productivity Game,

“Oh my god, it’s amazing! I love it and will be using this!“

Catherine Labbett

Girl Tribe Gang,

“ …. but the thing I love the most is ‘emptying’ my mind at the end of each day. It really helps me to relax in the evening. “

Catherine Jackson

The Mindful Florist, Florist & Mindfulness Coach

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Mission: Zelo’s mission is to empower people to live more productive, successful and fulfilling lives, through the development of positive daily habits.

The Zelo Journal: A Planner, Diary & Organiser, designed to turn your goals into daily action.