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What is Zelo? Where did it come from? What can we do for you?




a/ The fervour or tireless devotion for a person, cause, or ideal and determination in its furtherance; diligent enthusiasm; powerful interest.


b/ Special care and dedication for someone or something. Diligence (carefulness and attention in doing something).



Quite simply, these definitions encapsulate what we stand for at Zelo. To live an intentional, devoted life. One filled with passion, dedication & enthusiasm.





Now, if you’re like the tens of thousands of other people who come to this website, you’ll probably have come here due to The Zelo Journal. If not, you can read more about that here.

The Zelo Journal was launched in 2018 on Kickstarter. Since then, it has gained coverage in the likes of Forbes & Marie Claire. Thousands of professionals around the globe use The Zelo Journal. You only need to look at the reviews to see why it’s so popular. Why? Because of its simplicity.

If you’d like to read more about the unconventional story behind Zelo, you can read about that at the bottom of this page. For now, lets see who The Zelo Journal is for…



• A Lack of Progress Towards Your Long-Term Goals is Making You Feel Deflated.

• You Experience Stress & Anxiety About Work on Evenings & Weekends.

• You Never Seem to Have Enough Time.

• You Experience Periods of Low Motivation.

• You’ve Never Got Round to That Goal (or Feel a Lack of Direction).

• You Don’t Feel Fulfilled at The End of Each Week.



You see, these frustrations formed the base for creating the journal. We spoke to hundreds of people all saying the same things.

Life’s too short to be feeling these emotions on a regular basis. We wanted to create a way for people to find their passion and work towards them every day.

Regardless of your ambitions, you can achieve them with the right tools.




Get the Most Out of Every Single Day With a Flexible Productivity & Wellbeing System

The Zelo Journal has been designed to empower the user. The 16 Page User Guide. The Habit Tracker. All the different flexible components of the journal.

They’re all designed so that you can implement the techniques that work for you and your lifestyle. Not someone else’s. Yours. This is about empowering you with the right tools to be productive, but also the space to be creative.



Achieve Your Goals – Use the Three-Step System Ensuring You’re Always Working Towards Them

We reach real achievement through hundreds (or thousands) of smaller actions, repeated over a long period of time.

The three-step system ensures that your long-term goals, your weekly goals and your daily goals are all linked. No more ‘floating’ through the day. (hurrah!)



Clear Your Mind – Reduce Anxiety & Stress So That You Can Enjoy Relaxed Evenings and Weekends 

This Journal provides a structure so that you can leave your anxious thoughts on paper. After this, you come back to them better mentally prepared.

What’s more? The system is designed not only so you can relax more on evenings and weekends. It is arranged in such a way that you will be able to complete tasks more efficiently the next working day. This is achieved by engaging your subconscious mind (Read The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr Maxwell Maltz if you’d like to know more about this).



Decrease Stress – No More ‘Off-Days’

Building positive habits is critical to achieving your goals. The daily system helps you build these daily habits necessary to reach your goals. Looking at the inner pages, the Zelo Journal allows you to break down your long-term goals into daily opportunities of progress.

Looking at the cover, the Zelo Journal shows that Productivity, Daily Planning & Wellbeing can look sharp too. No more ‘off-days’ or feeling lost. The daily system ensures that you stay firmly in line for progress towards your goals every day.



Feel Fulfilled – Ambitious Goals Are Achievable by Anyone

The Zelo Journal ensures that you can take any long-term goal and break it down into its components. It shows that you can look at any goal and achieve it. The aim is that you feel empowered to get the most out of every day.

A system tailored for you.

You’ll be free to set the example for all your peers and make progress like you never have before. Regardless of your goals, it’s within your power to achieve them. I’d like you to turn your dreams and visions into a reality. To impress and inspire all of those around you.



Look Sharp, Feel Sharp

Sick and tired of poor-quality diaries & journals? We were too!

We tried and tested hundreds of different materials in the development of the journal.

The result? A stunning journal with and all-black finish. We’ve combined a minimal design with the best quality materials we could get our hands on.



The aim is to move away from anything on the phone. We’re a generation addicted to technology and social media. How often do you find yourself scrolling through your phone aimlessly?

Time away from technology is now precious and valuable.

With a paper journal there is only you and your journal, your plans, your ambitions and your goals. On your phone there are hundreds of apps and thousands of people trying to get your attention. It’s not good for your mind and it’s less than optimal when you’re concentrating on your planning and reviews.

And let’s be honest. Nothing quite feels like pen to paper and crossing off targets once you’ve reached them.


Michael, our founder launched Zelo through Kickstarter in December 2018 and received worldwide press coverage in the likes of Forbes.

Here, Michael describes his motivations to create the Zelo Journal.




Ultimately, Zelo was born through the need for me to:

  • Simplify my goals.
  • Find direction.
  • Build the habits necessary to achieve my ambitions.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.

That’s where the system came from. A simple planning & reviewing process to break down big goals into achievable chunks. One that also declutters the mind.


What has this done for me so far?

  • Leaving my draining office job to set up my own 20,000 attendee festival ( We are now about to launch our 12th festival in our third location.
  • Fulfilled my passion, travelling through 60+ countries.
  • I’ve climbed some of the biggest mountains in the world, such as Mt Chimborazo & Pico D’ Orizaba.
  • Raising over £18,000 for mental health charities.
  • Living a financially independent life on my own terms.


… But the biggest thing it’s done for me?

I wake up every morning excited for the day ahead. I love seeing opportunities and overcoming adversity.

Now the things I have ‘achieved’ may mean nothing to you… I’d expect that. But the thing is, you can use this system for any ambitions you have. That’s what made me launch Zelo. To bring it into the public domain.

Whether your goals are to set up a global empire or to simply live a quiet, fulfilling life, The Zelo Journal can help you get there.

I’m not special, I’m not gifted… and I’m far from perfect! I’m just a normal guy, who likes normal things.

However, I haven’t reached my goals because of some complex system.

It’s just a simple flexible journal, that I use every day. I hope you love it as much as I do.


*DISCLAIMER* The Zelo Journal won’t serve your goals to you on a plate… You’ve still got to take action, stick to the habit and put the work in.

Good Luck!


Final Note

I write a weekly email called ‘Three Tip Thursday’. It’s exactly as it sounds. Three simple tips, every week. Topics include productivity hacks, wellbeing, philosophy, mindset & inspiration.

No spam, no affiliate links and no junk! Just three simple tips. Over 10,000 people are now a part of the Three Tip Thursday community. If you’d like to join, you can sign up below.

I’m always happy to hear stories of how the blog and the journal may have impacted you. If you have any questions at all, please get in contact at [email protected] .


Left: Stood on Pico D’ Orizaba at 5,636m (highest point in Mexico) and right: the festival I founded (

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